Saturday, June 11, 2016

Five things that I'm G.R.A.T.E.F.U.L

Lately work has been hectic and its been very consuming both physically and mentally.
To get me going, I will usually sit down and play some thoughts in my mind.
I do what the Facebook told us to do
Count our blessings!

There are alot alot of them. And to begin with, I will start with 5 that crossed my mind now
The 5 which i think I'm most grateful for for the time being

My Family
Although I'm not from a wealthy family or a perfect family, I'm grateful for the family that God decided for me to be in. Being in a single parent family taught me to be tough and independent. My mom taught me to me more than I thought I can. My mom did not teach me how to do things but by watching her doings, I learnt. And one of them was property investment. I'm thankful for my bro and hubby. For they are the men of the family and always there when i needed them. Also my relatives, though sometimes they can be quite to manage.

The Good People
I'm grateful for the good people that i have met along my journey. Those i've met during my school years and along my business life. Those who have believe and gave me the opportunity to go further.
Those who have gave me a chance to prove that i can do it. To all my clients and mates, THANK YOU!

ehm... what other blessings?
easier to type this way. I'm grateful for the home that im living in. the pysical and material blessings being showered upon. the health and food provided. the girlfriends whom i keep in touch in our group for many years. the opportunity to see other parts of the world and cherish the nature. more importantly, the opportunity to know God the Saviour.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Retiring at 32 years old

My husband and I are working towards retirement at the age of 32 years old!
We will be staying at Selesa Hillhomes thereafter and busy travelling around the world

For starters:-

1. Vietnam: 3 months
2. US 6 months
3. China 6 months
4. Thailand: 6 months
5. Sabah: 1month

Kintamani, Bali

Emerald Pool, Krabi

Tasmania, Australia

For more of the above to come, I hereby made a solemn decision on money savings and smart investments =)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Out of the blue

When I first started writing in this blog, I was just a college girl with most of my evening free and typing my blog on the study table, modified, posted and re-modified x 100 before i finally give up and accept it as the best post of the day (back then) and posted again

Now in 2014, I'm officially married as a wife and a business owner. Whenever i thought of bloging in this one and only old blog of mine, i would just like to count my many uncountable blessingssss! And out of the blue, i just feel like signing in and typing these..

I am truly and gratefully thankful for:

1. My ever supporting mom who would only nag but never say no to ALL my request for her help and time. Its really the best feeling on earth to know she is always there. My mom never read blogs so maybe someday i should tell her this" I am really thankful for your help mom!" (Take away my asian "shyshy" and just tell her this! Im so gona do this!)

2. Thankful for my cousin Joel Teh who read my blog when I was in college. He read my blog when I was thinking day and night how the hell can i get to UK for my final year.


Thanks to him who lent me money for it. He even tried staying anonymous bout it. Where can i get such good cousin? Drop from heaven.. The story was this one fine day my aunt who is the mom of my cousin called me up and ask do i need money to go to UK and i said yes. Aunt said " I can lend it to you" I was the happiest and most excited girl on earth that day. On the day she handed me the cheque, she said this "These money is from your cousin, he asked me not to tell you so". I was dumbfounded that moment. 

Lake District, National Park

My room, Atlantic Point Hostel

3. I have another 1,2,3,4,5,6.......100 person to be thankful for. Lets just start with two today!

Perhaps i should start writing the paper and pen way for a with a thank you card and a gifts sent to each and every of their doorstep to say "Thank you"

Lunch in the Park after class

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Back dated post in microsoft words

I miss blogging so here I am today.
Sitting here at UITM Perlis, I miss home..
I cried on my 1st business trip. I know I sounded like a baby but emotions choose to filled me up.
I’m currently an event organizer, travelling to almost every state on the west.
I thought I would love this job when I first started but now…..
I just want to stay home =(
Last month, I went to Phuket with my beloved.
Yes, I’m in love again after numerous attempt to savage the previous. There was much crying over the pillow, girls talkss with my darling girlfriends.
Crying and winning and cryingsss..
Anyhow, I have leap over that and all new again now. It wasn’t something I expected to begin this relationship I must admit.
But I’m glad it started =)
YC was my schoolmate back in form six. Sorry to say, I never notice him.
I mean, back then i never notice/imagine/think/ him would be my love one day
He was a prefect and I was a prefect. We were not perfect.
Our conversations are nothing more than school stuffs.
Unlike now, we talk about almost everything. Previously, we never hang out, never have feelings for each other.

At one point (back then), we were closest when we climbed Mt. KK together. That was a pleasantly memorable time and we share a silly attempt during that climb
Clue:- Tire – Frustrated – Piggy Back – Failed –Laugh -Silly
Yup! He tried to piggy back me up Mt. KK but FAILED
We laughed over it cause it was so silly for him to have attempted so. He tried carrying me, 5x++ kg with a 5kg bag on him.Its not impossible on even ground but you know.. its going up hill.
We still laugh like mad when we talk bout this from time to time.
Guess we lost our rationality when we were too exhausted..

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dumpling Aunty

There is this yong tau fu restaurant that my family and i frequent at Ampang. Its a famous restaurant operated for more than three decade by two generations.
Besides the yummy food which always scribble in my memory. There is an "infamous" dumpling aunty who draws a more vivid memory.
She's a regular dumpling seller at the shop. She walks around every table with a tray of dumpling in hand. Although i don't always buy from table-to-table seller. However if its an old grandma or grandpa selling, i would support most of the time.
But not for this dumpling aunty.
I remembered there was once she showed us an angry frowning face when we rejected to buy her dumpling. I was taken aback. At first,she aprroached our table with a very smilley face but when we said "No, next time perhaps". Her facial expression changed immediately. IMMEDIATELY!
It makes me think. How many poker face have i seen today or perhaps everyday??