Saturday, June 11, 2016

Five things that I'm G.R.A.T.E.F.U.L

Lately work has been hectic and its been very consuming both physically and mentally.
To get me going, I will usually sit down and play some thoughts in my mind.
I do what the Facebook told us to do
Count our blessings!

There are alot alot of them. And to begin with, I will start with 5 that crossed my mind now
The 5 which i think I'm most grateful for for the time being

My Family
Although I'm not from a wealthy family or a perfect family, I'm grateful for the family that God decided for me to be in. Being in a single parent family taught me to be tough and independent. My mom taught me to me more than I thought I can. My mom did not teach me how to do things but by watching her doings, I learnt. And one of them was property investment. I'm thankful for my bro and hubby. For they are the men of the family and always there when i needed them. Also my relatives, though sometimes they can be quite to manage.

The Good People
I'm grateful for the good people that i have met along my journey. Those i've met during my school years and along my business life. Those who have believe and gave me the opportunity to go further.
Those who have gave me a chance to prove that i can do it. To all my clients and mates, THANK YOU!

ehm... what other blessings?
easier to type this way. I'm grateful for the home that im living in. the pysical and material blessings being showered upon. the health and food provided. the girlfriends whom i keep in touch in our group for many years. the opportunity to see other parts of the world and cherish the nature. more importantly, the opportunity to know God the Saviour.

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